Sunday, January 28, 2007

Todays Loot: $500 and a Laptop

I finally have been able to steal a decent laptop. I am very careful about stealing them because to sell them I need to have powercords with them. I find broken ones all them time and use them to switch harddrives with the stolen ones to keep the cops off of me. The cop would never see me so it shouldn't matter.

I have been hanging out on the roof of this apartment building. I found a bird pin that someone has built. One day, a bunch of pigeons showed up. I had some extra food so I feed them. The next day they show up again. They would go into the pin and I shut it. The day after that, I stole some feed and let them out. About an hour later they would back into the pins. So they its their freewill choice to be there. I didn't want them but I have gotten used to taking care of them.